Improve your English language through creative and engaging lessons!

Do you need help in your endeavors to improve your knowledge of English? Are you looking for the best way to practice your language skills through qualified training? Do you want something more than dry Grammar and standard teaching methods? Through Inspired English you will get professional assistance which combines an entertaining and personalized style with a well-structured and far-reaching strategy.

Silvia Chirila

What you will gain through my courses

  • The fruit of over 12 years of teaching experience in both public and private education with people of various ages
  • The intertwinement of efficient and reliable language acquisition methods and tools with a very modern, interactive, dynamic, and multilayered student-oriented style
  • The discovery of the beauty and subtleties of the English language and the ability to master them quickly and confidently

Why Inspired English?

Quality and effective creativity are at the core of my English classes. Inspired English is the style that can smooth your learning process and help you use this language fluently and resourcefully as fast as possible. It focuses on your natural enjoyment of the process of language learning through engaging and refreshing practice. You will be able to improve your English in an entertaining, but fast-paced way by means of thought-provoking and motivating material adjusted to your individual needs and goals.

Other language services

If you need translation, editing, or proofreading, you don't have to look any further. I can work with English texts that range from simple documents or articles about yourself, your skills and your work/company to complex writing such as a diploma thesis or books. I have over 11 years' experience in translation, proofreading, and editing and I will gladly respond to your requests.

Main areas of specialization

  • Standard courses that center on English grammar and vocabulary (levels A1-C2)
  • English for various tests (e.g. MSA, Abitur, TOEFL, Cambridge, IELTS etc.)
  • Business English
  • English for professional purposes (adjusted to your particular job)
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Travel English
  • Medicine and Pharmacy
  • Literature and Cultural Studies
  • English for job interviews and applications (CV, letter of application, statement of intent etc.)
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Assistance with homework (Nachhilfe)
  • English for B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. studies

Silvia Chirila

B.A. in English, M.A. in American Cultural Studies | Berlin

Contact information


Crash course

  • Minimum 10 Lessons
  • Price: € 70 / 90 min.

Grammar and Conversation

  • Price: € 50 / 90 min.

Business English

  • ​Price: € 60 / 90 min.

English for your Job

  • ​Price: € 55 / 90 min.

Exam Preparation (MSA/Abitur)

  • Price: € 50 / 90 min.

Travel English

  • Price: € 50 / 90 min.

English for firms

  • ​Price: € 60 / 90 min.

English/American Culture

  • ​Price: € 60 / 90 min.

Group courses

  • For all language levels
  • 5-6 participants
  • Price: € 60 / 5 lessons

IELTS/TOEFL Test Preparation

  • Price: € 60 / 90 min.

Online lessons (Zoom/Skype)

  • Price: € 50 / 90 min.

English for job interviews

  • Price: € 60 / 90 min.

Booking a 10-lesson package will ensure a discount for the Business / Grammar and Conversation Course.


I had lessons with Silvia from the summer of 2016 to the end of the year 2017. We started the English course when I was level B1 (intermediate English). In a very short period she taught me up to the level C1 (advanced English). She is very smart, very kind, nice … and learning with Silvia is a lot of fun. Her homework made absolute sense and she challenged me all the time. She brought me further. Thank you, Silvia.

Frank Buechin, Berlin, 56 Marketing Consultant

Ms Silvia Chirila is a competent trainer who designs my classes in a meaningful and informative way. She motivates me every time to improve my English with her pleasant and open-minded style. Ms Chirila is very well-organized and totally recommendable as a fantastic teacher with a lot of experience.

Her flexible teaching style helps me use my new English skills in my job when I have to deal with international clients. She is attentive to my strengths and weaknesses and my wishes. We also use high-quality material which is worth every cent.

Angelika Lemke, Berlin, 45 Entrepreneur

I had intensive lessons with Silvia when I needed to update my English before a job interview. I wanted to change my job and face a new challenge in an international environment. We practiced specific questions and situations and talked about current issues in the work area. I learned a lot through recent interesting articles from Spotlight. After the course I felt I can handle business English and I renewed my English skills.

Katrin M., Berlin, 39 HR Specialist

The English course with Silvia is conceived in a very lively way and customized exactly to my needs. It is a diverse mixture of discussion, Grammar and listening comprehension about interesting modern topics and everyday situations. This way learning is a lot of fun and I’m glad about my quick progress. I can only recommend Silvia!

Maria B., Berlin, 40 Marketing Manager

I value Silvia’s professionalism and the straightforward and good communication I have with her greatly. Silvia is a multifaceted person who was always well-prepared for our classes.

Katarzyna Urbanczyk-Siwek, Berlin, 42 Head of Branch in the Polish-German Chamber of Commerce

I had English with Silvia for a few months to prepare better for my MSA. She made me like Grammar and my grades were higher than before. I was happy to have a 2 in English. With her lessons are not boring and she explains it all clearly.

Eduard Egger, Berlin, 16 Pupil

About Silvia Chirila

Silvia Chirila, english teacher in Berlin

Silvia Chirila B.A. in English, M.A. in American Cultural Studies

I have over 12 years' experience in teaching that is tightly connected with the English language, although not exclusively with it. I have worked with people of different ages and from several countries. My mastery of English is certified not only through my studies, but also thanks to my experience in translation, editing, and proofreading. I have worked with documents, résumés, job applications, professional correspondence, web content, articles etc. and I translated several books in collaboration with renowned publishing houses. My most significant achievements in this field are Michael Johnston's study Syndromes of Corruption. Wealth, Power, and Democracy, Salman Rushdie's collection of essays Imaginary Homelands, Franz K. Stanzel's Theorie des Erzählens and Executive Intelligence by Justin Menkes.

Languages have always been my calling and my passion. I hold a B.A. in English (major). Once I graduated from this program in 2004, I knew without any doubt that my further specialization and my career would be closely related to the English language. My vocation thus impelled me to go on with an M.A. in American Cultural Studies in parallel with my work as an English teacher. Not only did my M.A. studies enable me to get acquainted with new dimensions of the English-speaking world, but also they engendered a deepening of my knowledge of English. After my M.A. I decided to start working on a research project in North American Literature and Culture at the Humboldt University of Berlin. My teaching experience had already included courses and seminars in the Department of Communication Sciences, Petre Andrei University of Iasi during the years I worked as a Teaching and Research Associate. The Berlin years enriched my teaching experience in higher education with new courses in the Department of American Studies and in the Center for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies (HU Berlin).


English courses in Berlin

  • Conversation
  • Proofreading
  • Pronunciation
  • Editing
  • Grammar & Spelling
  • Job/Study applications
  • Vocabulary
  • Documents
  • Reading
  • Résumés/CVs
  • Writing
  • Translation
  • Tests and exams
  • Articles
  • Homework
  • B.A/M.A./Ph.D. theses
  • Higher grades
  • Business English


Silvia Chirila English Teacher in Berlin

Martin-Luther-Straße 101
10825 Berlin
In front of the Rathaus Schöneberg
Phone: 0170 6537018